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Organic Market & Kitchen in Wilmington, Delaware

Supporting your local, sustainable lifestyle with farm to table prepared foods & groceries. We are your year-round farmer's market. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: We will be updating this list frequently, please be patient as some items may sell out.  But rest assured that we’re bringing in fresh grocery items every day and newly prepared foods are constantly coming out of our kitchen. Masks must be worn at all times in our store and when we deliver groceries to your car for curbside pickup. Thank you for your participation in keeping our workers safe!

*During COVID19 our packaging will be temporarily changed.

Organic Market

Our grocery store will be fully stocked year round with fresh seasonal, local, organically grown items including local organic produce, grass fed dairy, free-range, pastured, and grass fed meats, organic canned goods, our own prepared fresh and frozen foods, and eco-friendly, zero-waste cleaners. 


Organic Prepared Foods

We have 2 chefs on staff to produce a steady supply of dishes made with our super fresh, high quality, local ingredients.  We have many vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, low salt and even keto items to choose from and always some pasture raised and free range meat dishes available as well.  


Bulk Items

Get more out of your food dollar by buying in bulk. Buy online or stop in at our store to place an order. 

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Pantry items like flour, grains, and beans
  • Sustainably sourced seafood
  • Family-sized prepared dishes

Most items we sell can be bought in bulk at a discount.  To find out about seasonal bulk buying please sign up for our email newsletter and/or follow us on social media. For other bulk please contact the store directly.  

Featured Items



What's On Tap

Kombucha On Tap. New Flavors Available Weekly.
Our New Flavors include:

Bees Knees: Local wildflower honey & chamomile.

Because I said So: Local figs, rosemary & molasses.

Flower Power:
Classy & romantic with lively floral notes reminiscent of French rose. Infused with organic laender, rose petals and tulsi basil.

What's Fresh

Organic prepared foods for luch and dinner, made daily. Weekly menu.

Avoid the Lines!

Order online, pick up in person.


health & cOmmunity

We are a community-based, farm to table grocery store located in Trolley Square in Wilmington, DE. Honeybee is a speciality grocer whose mission is to provide clean and healthy food. You know when you are shopping at Honeybee that you are getting food that will make you feel great inside and out. You can also feed good about shopping at Honeybee because your purchases give back to the community; Honeybee is invested in the success of local farmers. When you shop at Honeybee you are joining the Farm to Table movement that is proving to be better for our bodies and our communities.


Our grocery store will be fully stocked year round with seasonal, local, organically grown items including local organic produce, grass fed dairy, free-range, pastured, and grass fed meats, and organic canned goods.

Local Hero !

MEet our Chef

Our head chef, Lisa,  provides our customers with delicious dishes made with our fresh, high quality, local ingredients.  She is dedicated to our mission and we are so lucky to have her as part of our community!


Honeybee Kitchen and Market  is dedicated to promoting and preserving our local farmland and farms. We strive to help make our local lands  and economy sustainable for generations to come. 

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Farm to Table

Local Economy

Most of our inventory and ingredients are sourced within one hour’s drive from our store.

Local Items

Our market is fully stocked year round with seasonal, local, organically grown items.

Sustainable Practices

The food waste from our store is composted and many of our store items are sold with zero waste.

Healthy Food

You can be sure that our food will help you stay healthy, look, and feel great.

Meet Our chef

Our head chef, Lisa, has dedicated her life to making food that nourishes people and makes them happy. Lisa is an artist who sees food as her art supplies and is able to use our local, seasonal food to come up with delicious meals. Lisa trained at the Culinary Institute of America, has been crafting amazing dishes for 40 years, and is sought after in New York. Lisa believes in creating dishes that reduce the amount of food waste created by Honeybee and embodies all of Honeybee's values. We are so thrilled to have her on our team. 


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