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Organic Market & Kitchen, in Wilmington, Delaware

Farm to table prepared foods & groceries. Year-round farmer's market.

COVID-19 Update:
Ordering at HoneyBee 

Please view our current offerings here: HoneyBee Offerings 

We will be updating this list frequently, please be patient as some items may sell out.  But rest assured that we’re bringing in fresh grocery items every day and newly prepared foods are constantly coming out of our kitchen.

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Step 1: Place your order via email preferred. Phone orders accepted if need be.

Email – honeybeekandm@gmail.com

  • Let us know if you would like curbside pick-up or plan to come inside to pick up your order.
  • Give us your phone number.
  • We will call you to confirm your order at which time you may pay over the phone.  We fulfill each order in the order we receive them. Please be patient but at this time we are fulfilling orders generally within the business day of receiving the order.

Phone – (302) 407-5579

  • Please be prepared with your full order when you call.
  • Let us know if you would like Curbside Pick-Up or plan to come inside to pick up your order.
  • We will call you to confirm your order & pick-up time at which time you may pay over the phone.

Step 2: Pick up Your Order

Curbside Pick-Up

  • Drive, walk, bike, or dance your way down to HoneyBee and call us to let us know you’re here. (302) 407-5579
  • We will bring your order out to you and put it in your vehicle or hand it off to you.

In Store Pick-Up

  • Come into the store to pick-up your order and pay by credit/debit or Apple Pay- no cash, please.
  • Please be mindful of social distancing and take note of the guidelines posted on our door. 
  • We love reusable bags, but during this time your order will be ready for you in 100% recycled paper bags.  

Step 3: Do a Happy Dance!

You’ve just purchased some delicious, nutritious, and responsibly sourced food.  You’re helping the local economy and supporting local farming, helping keep our local food supply chain strong.  THANK YOU for shopping at HoneyBee!

Eat With The Seasons

Organic Prepared Foods

We have 4 chefs on staff to produce a steady supply of dishes made with our super fresh, high quality, local ingredients.  We have many vegan and vegetarian items to choose from and always some pasture raised and free range meat dishes available as well.  You’ll notice our packaging is also thoughtfully chosen to lessen our (and your) impact on our depleted planet.

Fresh Produce & More

Organic Market

Our grocery store will be fully stocked year round with seasonal, local, organically grown items including local organic produce; grass fed dairy; free-range, pastured, and grass fed meats; organic canned goods; our own prepared frozen foods; eco-friendly, zero-waste cleaners; and a full line of medicinal and culinary bulk herbs, spices and teas. 

Local, Organic, & Bulk Buying

Environmentally Responsible Buying

Many of our store items are sold in bulk so feel free to bring your own containers to save money and reduce your packaging use.  Items such as honey, flours, kombucha, and a full line of cleaning products are available in bulk and sold by weight so buy just what you need.  We also take special orders on bulk items not regularly stocked and can pass on a nice savings to our customers. 

Fresh Produce & More

Buy Bulk Items Online

Get more out of your food dollar by buying in bulk. Buy online or stop in at our store to place an order. 

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Pantry items like flour, grains, and beans
  • Sustainably sourced seafood
  • Family-sized prepared dishes

Most items we sell can be bought in bulk at a discount. If interested, please ask for details.

We cater!

Small Catering

Small catering is also available. Please call with inquiries.

Cooking Classes


Eating Seasonally with Nina Tocci:  We are super excited to have Nina Tocci, local foodie extraordinaire, lead us in a class on cooking locally and seasonally while making a delicious Spring Risotto and fresh garden herb salad to go along. The class will discuss vegan and low carb versions of this dish if participants would like, and there will be plenty of sampling to be had! More details can be found through the link but it will be held Monday, May 21st from 7:30-9. A great idea for a mothers day gift  :) See here for more info and to register https://squareup.com/store/honeybeekitchenandmarket/