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Est. 2018

About Us


Honeybee Kitchen and Market  is dedicated to promoting and preserving our local farmland and farms. By joining us in this mission and buying local, you are rewarded with the highest quality and freshest food available.

Most of our inventory and ingredients are sourced within one hour’s drive from our store.  Nearly all products are organically grown and all dairy and meats are grass fed, pastured or free range.  We also offer many vegan grocery items.

To lighten your carbon footprint and save you money, we also offer many items in bulk—such as kombucha on tap, honey, syrup and olive oil, as well as a full line of certified organic dry goods, spices, herbs and teas.  We even offer a full line of cleaning products!  Simply bring in your own bags, bottles or jars and we are happy to refill them for you!  We have bags and containers available for you to use as well.

Our menu is a listing of our most popular and readily available items.  Many additional seasonal items are available at all times.  Some items listed may be found in our grab-and-go freezer section.

We also offer a great selection of gluten free and vegan treats J

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**Catering available, too.  Please see our website for details

Our Story

Since its opening in May of 2010 as the DE Local Food Exchange over 100 local farmers and producers have steadily been added to the stores vendor list and three successful crowdfund campaigns were run to buy equipment and move to our larger, more visible space in Trolley Square in July of 2015.  After tracking the market in Trolley it became clear that helping our community buy locally would be easier if we made more prepared foods to go so we are moving on Jan. 8th 2018 just two doors down where we will have a full kitchen on site.  We will also be changing our name to honor our tireless Honeybee, the queen of pollination without whom we cannot survive.

Our market will still be fully stocked year round with seasonal, local, organically grown items including produce, dairy, meats, canned goods, frozen foods, cleaners, and a full line of medicinal and culinary bulk herbs, spices and teas.  In addition, we now have 4 chefs on staff to produce a steady supply of dishes made with our super fresh, high quality, local ingredients.  We have many vegan and vegetarian items to choose from and always some pasture raised and free range meat dishes available as well.  You’ll notice our packaging is also thoughtfully chosen to lessen our (and your) impact on our depleted planet.

Many of our store items are sold in bulk so feel free to bring your own containers to save money and reduce your packaging use.  Items such as honey, flours, kombucha, and a full line of cleaning products are available in bulk and sold by weight so buy just what you need.  We also take special orders on bulk items not regularly stocked and can pass on a nice savings to our customers. 

I am so proud to be a part of such a hardworking, dedicated and fun loving staff of people here at HoneyBee.  Our customers are so kind and supportive of our mission to support our local farming community.  Please do come by to make sure that your food dollars are staying in your local economy where they will do the most good and where they will help to provide food security for our area for generations to come.  Welcome to the hive! smiley-laughing.gif

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