Occupy Biden action in Wilmington Dec. 25-Jan. 1

President Biden: Give the Gift of Strong Climate Action to the World

Published on 12/24/2021

From Christmas Day, December 25th, to New Year’s Day, January 1, people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds will be participating in an outdoors Climate Justice Occupation within a mile of President Biden’s house in Wilmington, DE. We will be calling upon him to show true climate leadership by pledging to:


  • Issue an Executive Order declaring a climate emergency; and, accordingly,
  • Mandate that all federal government agencies oppose any new fossil fuel projects


Join with us for part of a day, for a full day, for several days or for the full week by signing up here. 


Event location: Unceded Lenape land, public county permitted land outside of President Bidens neighborhood at 909 Centre Rd, Wilmington, DE 19807-2801, United States


It is because we are in a climate emergency that we are taking this action during the most important holiday season of the year, and braving the elements in doing so. Repeated, persistent and strong nonviolent action by organized people is an absolutely essential component of bringing about the changes urgently needed.


While taking action on climate, we will stand in solidarity with the many other justice fights being waged on related issues. We stand in opposition to voter suppression and to all forms of racism/white supremacy. We work to build a truly just and democratic society grounded in respect and care for every culture, being and ecosystem. We support the rights of women to control their own bodies and health care decisions and affordable health care for all. We support immigrant rights and the right to organize and unionize on the job. We support peace and shifting money out of the military budget to human and environmental needs. We support the right to nonviolent protest and protections for whistleblowers. 


Our plan is to maintain the Climate Justice Occupation all throughout the year-ending holiday week, at all hours of the day and night. We are organizing to have the supports needed for those participating as far as food, water, warming spaces and toilet facilities.


We will take action together during this week on the basis of these four principles:


  • We will create a vision and culture with the next seven generations as priority
  • We will use all nonviolent means to make this happen
  • We welcome everyone, including our own selves, for learning, listening and challenging ingrained attitudes that limit our collective strength
  • We realize we are part of a system that must change; therefore no individual or community is to be blamed or shamed 


While this event is about demanding climate action in the face of woeful inaction by our government, we also call on our community to take this opportunity to work with others from all aspects of our social, environmental and political scene and in this way strengthen and enrich our movement for the people.


We urge you to sign up to take part with us in this important and energizing action as we call upon President Biden to give the world in this holiday season the gift of action on the climate emergency at the scale the world needs. For more info:


*Pls wear masks & show proof of vax*

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